Happy Villages | The Value of Education
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The Value of Education

The Value of Education

After a request by the teachers to talk to the girls and parents on benefits of educating girls and having heard of a few cases of early pregnancies in Lieta, Happy Villages decided to hold discussions in all the schools on the benefits of education. The aim was to motivate girls to compete with boys and encourage education beyond primary school.

Happy Villages program manager Gloria, also talked with the girls how they can maintain sanitation during their menstrual circle. Gloria spoke of how to use sanitary towels properly and how to count the days of the month up to a menstrual period.

During the talk, a number of topics were covered including the benefits of girl’s receiving an education and the causes and issues of girls dropping out of school.

The following observations were made about the benefits of girl’s receiving an education;

  • They can help their family members in that a learned girl can take responsibility of taking care of their parents and the entire family.
  • They can help the community by bringing some development in the community.
  • They can be role model to other girls who are in the community.
  • An educated girl can get jobs and hold leadership positions which were held by men and even make policies that can help others.

On causes of school dropout, the following issues were discussed with every pupil.

  • Early pregnancy
  • Early marriage
  • Parents unable to pay for the school fees
  • Disruption at home
  • Peer pressure to join gangs and drop out of school
  • Children being forced to work instead of attending school

Sanitation Issues like proper use of sanitary towels were also discussed with the female students. The pupils remarked that the reusable sanitary pads which were donated by Happy Villages were good and comfortable. Counting days of the month up to menstrual period was demonstrated to the girls also to help the girls plan and avoid being caught off guard in school and messing up their clothes.

Overall, the talks were appreciated by parents, teachers and the pupils. In the future it has been recommended to focus on issues surrounding boys’ performance at school and how to resolve self-esteem issues with children.

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