Happy Villages | REAGAN SHOMBE
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About This Project

Reagan Shombe is a counsellor, permaculture farmer & community development expert. Reagan has worked in community development and public health fields for over 10 years and is an executive board member of Happy Villages in Kenya. Reagan also works with the Strategic Empowerment Program focussed on assisting HIV/AIDS patients to improve their nutrition and health through Natural Medicine and Permaculture. He has trained in permaculture design and teaching with Warren Brush and is accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute with a Permaculture TOT. Reagan has also trained with ANAMED and is a keen Apiarist. As owner of Evergreen Plains Farm, Reagan consults, teaches and lectures on Community Development, Permaculture and Natural Medicine. Reagan loves teaching impoverished communities how to improve their food security and take control of their health through developing biodynamic food and environment systems.

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