Happy Villages | Meet Eunice Okello Achieng – Community Health Worker
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Meet Eunice Okello Achieng – Community Health Worker

Meet Eunice Okello Achieng – Community Health Worker

Eunice Okello Achieng is a shopkeeper and her husband works at a paper mill in Eldoret. She is blessed with 6 children, the first born in form three and the last born in standard one.

She is one of the 15 Community Health Workers (CHWs) representing the 15 different villages within Lieta sub-location. Eunice was elected by the community members in 2000 to join the CHW network and represent Malanga A village. Since then she has learnt a lot and shared her experience with the community members.

Happy Villages has been in partnership with this wonderful team of CHW to effectively reach to the grass root level.

Every Community Health Worker has about 100 households under his or her supervision. On the average day they handle up to 5 households. They mobilize the community for Health Action Days, Dialogue Days and household visitation every month.

With their experience and knowledge they are invaluable for the community and perform a number of tasks like

  • Advising on nutrition during pregnancy
  • Encouraging households to maintain cleanliness
  • Identifying school drop outs
  • Encouraging family planning
  • Referring pregnant women to go for antenatal care in hospitals
  • Offering home based care e.g. dressing of wounds
  • Identifying and Doing follow ups for TB defaulters


Happy Villages supports Lieta’s CHWs by sponsoring trainings to increase their knowledge on community health to enhance their efficiency when reaching out to the community and donated Health kits.

Eunice says that the work of a CHW is purely voluntarily and they are there to empower the community. She is so proud to be a CHW and hopes that Lieta will be having a healthy community if they embrace what they are advised to do.

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