Happy Villages | Get to know: Madiany Special School
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Get to know: Madiany Special School

Happy Villages has partnered with ten different schools in Lieta. There are seven primary schools, two secondary schools and one special school, Madiany school for the mentally handicapped.

The education department under Happy Villages has been busy doing different projects in the various schools and the benefits gained by the schools include hand washing facilities, pit latrines, text books, kitchen gardening, and also the sponsorship program of Young Women of Kenya (YWOK).

Madiany special school has been in partnership with Happy Villages for the past few years and both have gained a lot from the union.

The head teacher is Madam Hellen Pius and deputy head teacher is Mr. Fred Otieno. The school has a capacity of 62 pupils. Some of them stay at home and are given home based care while there are those that come occasionally to school. There are a total of 5 teachers in the school.

The school offers three distinct classes: Pre primary class, where children develop their speech. Pre vocation class that focuses around knowledge about the environment and the basics of life. Finally the vocational class where the pupils do hand crafts like weaving mats for doors and floors. Usually after this class they are ready to begin their own life as they practice the skills they have learned. The schools sometimes also offers employment to assist in different areas.

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