Happy Villages | Health Action Day Held in Buru – Lieta
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Health Action Day Held in Buru – Lieta

Thursday 24 November 2011 saw the 4th Health Action Day held jointly between the Community Health Committee (CHC) and the Community Health Workers (CHW’s) at Buru Primary School. Happy Villages is a member of the CHC and provides the funding for the Health Action Days.

The CHC works alongside the CHW’s who do household visits every month (100 households per month and they are all full time volunteers) to review the health of the community and also offer referrals and minor first aid to the community members. Healthier practices are also promoted including sanitation, handwashing, using ITNs (insecticide treated nets for malaria prevention), HIV testing, and using the dispensary for giving birth instead of traditional birth attendants and encouraging VMMC (voluntary medical male circumcision, which has been shown to reduce HIV transmission rates).

At Buru the health talks consisted of a talk by Alice Abuko on Bilharzia, Seline Ouko presented on asthma, Edwin Kato presented on safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases and finally George Oguko presented on malaria and tuberculosis. The Ministry of Health was also present to provide vaccinations to the community, with the costs for transportation for the dispensary nurse covered by Happy Villages.

Over the course of 2012 one Health Action Day will take place each month. Health topics to present are chosen based on which village the day is held in. Each village faces slightly different health challenges and we will be addressing it head on each month.


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