Happy Villages | Digging for Sanitation
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Digging for Sanitation

Poor Sanitation and latrine use, or lack thereof, are leading to many cases of poor health, sickness and even death amongst children in Lieta. These poor sanitation practices are also leading to low attendance levels in schools and education levels are suffering as a result.

Happy Villages has been working to improve the situation by working directly with the schools to begin addressing healthier sanitation practices in the community through the provision of pit latrines.

By providing these new facilities, the general health amongst students will improve and as a result school levels of attendance and results should increase.

The latrine project will also look at not only providing these facilities to children and schools but educating the students and their families on the importance of good sanitation also.

Over the past few months, Happy Villages have been successful in securing approval for the project to go ahead and identifying areas where the pit latrines should be built.

Excavation of the areas for the latrines began in April but was not without its problems. Workers met with heavy rock systems just a few feet below the ground which hindered the speed of completion. However, four schools in the Lieta district have now been allocated one double pit latrine with sheet iron walls and a reinforced concrete base.
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