Happy Villages | Meet Bilha Nyawade – Young Women of Kenya
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Meet Bilha Nyawade – Young Women of Kenya

My name is Bilha Atieno Nyawade. I am 26 years old and a beneficiary of Young Women of Kenya sponsorship program of Happy Villages. Both my parents are farmers in Lieta and I’m the second born in a family of 5 siblings.

I have been living with my parents in Lieta during my basic education and later after form four went to Mombasa to find something that I could do to enable me earn a living. While still there, an opportunity arose in Lieta with Happy Villages that they wanted to sponsor the women of Lieta.

My mum informed me about their Young Women of Kenya program. So I travelled back from Mombasa and applied to try my luck. It was around May 2011 when I applied for the sponsorship, though after the letters had already been collected from most women who had applied. The delay was caused by the fact that it wasn’t easy to raise the money for transport back to Lieta. When I came back I was always hoping for the best and trusted in God that I could be shortlisted. My prayer was answered and one bright day I received an invite to attend the interviews that were going to be conducted at Happy Villages Lieta office. I successfully underwent the interview and qualified for the sponsorship. I never have the best words to describe what I felt but all I know is that I was overwhelmed with joy, not knowing how to appreciate Happy Villages’ fraternity. The thought that I was going to expand my knowledge in a line that I had always longed to join gave me hope at the end of a dark tunnel.

I enrolled at Siaya Institute of Technology for Social Work and Community Development which was an academic program running for two years for the certificate award. This is did so well and attained a credit.

During the entire time that I was in school I never missed any essential in my academic life courtesy of Happy Villages. School life was enjoyable and I really learnt a lot. With the knowledge I acquired I will give back to the community by holding health talks within their households and encourage them to engage in activities that can help them better their lives.

I thank Happy Villages for helping me achieve the dream that I had always held for so long and for the provision that helped gear it to reality.



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