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Lieta Dispensary Upgraded

Lieta Dispensary Gets Upgraded

The Lieta Community Dispensary has now been renamed the ‘Lieta Community Health Centre’ with significant room to expand health practices under the Ministry of Health.

The Health Centre is accessed by almost 7,000 people in Lieta community for general health issues including Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, Vaccinations, ante natal care and birthing.

Previously the Dispensary was able to offer basic health care and basic pharmaceuticals. This upgrade will now allow the nurse to offer a higher level of health care to the community.

The upgrade has also allowed for new pharmaceuticals to be distributed including Family Planning Options and anti-retroviral drugs. This is a huge step forward for the Lieta Community. Before this upgrade, many community members with HIV were having to walk all the way to Madiany District hospital (up to 15kms away for some Households) to get the medication they need. family planning is also a big challenge in the community and now there are many free options available.

HIV/AIDS is one the biggest health issues that Lieta Community with HIV levels at almost 80%. There is a large stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and how it is transmitted, believing that it is a curse, getting tested and living positively. The stigma that is faced by those living positively is very large and it is reducing the incidences of community members being tested to know their status.

By increasing HIV testing in the facility, this will increase access to safer living practices and reduced instances of transmission. Getting tested also encourages those who are a negative status to remain living negative.

Another issue was also the distance needing to be travelled to get anti-retroviral drugs. This is now not a problem for those living with HIV in Lieta Community. ARV’s are now readily available and free for all living with the illness.

The Health Centre is a huge step towards promoting improved health care in Lieta Community. By giving community members’ access to improved medications it is hoped this will increase awareness and promote healthier living practices.

Another exciting step for the new and improved Lieta Community Health Centre is Kenya Power is now providing electricity. This will enable vaccinations to be refrigerated and provide much needed power at night when most women give birth. This will provide the nurses with efficient lighting to be able to conduct safer birthing practices.

With these new additions to the Health Centre, it is greatly increasing healthier living practices at the centre and also in homes and around the community.

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